Become a Volunteer for our Chapter


The purpose of this document is to outline a procedure for effectively participating in the IIBA Philippines Chapter operations as a volunteer. 


The IIBA Philippines Chapter is a non-profit organization whose mission is through the partnership and guidance of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), the IIBA PHILIPPINES CHAPTER strengthens the Filipino Business Analysis Professionals to continuously be inspired, supported, and empowered through Professional Development, Community Opportunities, and Membership Assistance that further develops and practices Business Analysis Competencies and enriching their Experiences to provide better business outcomes. 


To achieve the mission, the team will need a framework of getting things done while maximizing the output of volunteers. The chapter leadership recognizes that not everyone will be available at all times and so we must provide a framework to be productive given these circumstances. 


Ways of Working


  1. IIBA Philippines Chapter is agile- Although we do have a business plan and certain objectives, we will be willing to adjust depending on how the community responds to our initiatives. 

  2. Scrum framework- IIBA Philippines Chapter leaders will follow a weekly cadence. The schedule is currently set every Wednesday at 7pm (GMT +8) but open to change depending on majority team availability. 

  3. The weekly cadence- This meeting’s purpose is for members to update each other on planned tasks for the week. Updates should include all of the following information:

    1. Planned allocation in terms of number of hours that can be dedicated to chapter operations. 

    2. Objectives to be achieved given the planned allocation

    3. In some cases, a schedule must also be committed to (e.g. events)

    4. Any discussion points, current concerns, suggestions, other activities related to the community

  4. For those that are unable to attend the weekly cadence meeting, updates can be made via group chat and also must be reflected in the group Asana board. 

  5. Outside of the weekly cadence, ad hoc meetings may also be requested with any of the chapter leadership members. It is encouraged to use the leadership emails when scheduling to avoid any conflicts. 


For any questions or requests or new members who want to join, reach out to any of the following email addresses:


Leadership team org emails